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news. >> a huge mess out there. thank you. right now, the u.s. coast guard is searching for two people who disappearance when their fishing boat capsized. it happened in san mateo county. it's been six hours and the search continues for two men who have not made it to shore. we are at stanford medical center where rescue crews rushed one of the survivors. >> it seems like a pretty guesscy day at the samford medical center. he was airlifted here earlier in the day. they tell us he is one of four people on a fishing expedition earlier today. deputies say the 18-foot boat they were aboard was tossed by a large wave as they were close to shore. as you see from the images, the boat crashed on some rocks and came to rest upside down. coast guard helicopter and a number of rescue boats were launched to look for the two people who remain missing in the water but the teams have now started winding down their efforts. i talked with a nearby residents who said one of the survivors made it to his house to call 911 and then he went to try to help. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that, and the life
eating the smoked salmon. here in the u.s. it's sold at costco stores under the kirkland store brand name and this is by one estimate, one out of -- we've stip head here, cost tow pulled this product from shelves and the store says there is no independent confirmation and health officials say they're looking into it but only just begun z by one estimate eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. they don't know it this, expert says brau bra manufacturers trying to convince women their backs are smaller and breasts, bigger but what used to be a 36 d and now a 32 g what. do you need to do to get the right fit? >> this shutd be between your elbow and shoulder, if you're lower then it's too loose in the back. >> she recommends getting fitted and replace every six month autos stop by television rooms and chances are the sales person will try to sell you on benefits of a 3 dtv. so far amount of programming is really small. rating services say it's not measurable. 3 d video games may feel the gap. and. >> early to predict if it will be as common as color television. >> and it's hot, h
last night was the most-tweeted about event in u.s. political history and there were 47,000 tweets mentioning romney and the word win or winner. president obama had fewer than 30,000 similar tweets. >> and if you were anywhere along the san francisco water front you couldn't help but notice blue angels and a lot of sailors in town. yes, it's fleet week. there is wayne freedman joining us now with more. >> sometimes, you can hear them. most of the time, you don't see them. there is fleet week week going back to 1981 and what we have a continuation. >> and there is fleet week. >> i love the form maigs and the sound sound. >> if you can watch a blue angel on the ground there is a process behind a survey flag as they call them. >> and i'm looking for check points allowing me to get in and out safely. >> and across the bay, the onset is more about an interservice tournament and in this case, navy and marines against the coast guard. have you ever wondered how they can play well? >> playing there, sir. >> where is this ball go something. >> ways going to hit a wall. we're all right with
about these tests is asked to call u.s. postal police. >> interest there the susan gkomen organization rejected an offer from a site called asked the site to stop using it's name. the site stated it would donate a owe penny for every 30 views of porn-related videos. >> american air lines says it will finish inspecting 48 of the boeing jets for faulty seat fasteners. and american flight 2042 scheduled to fly to miami at 640. the airline is blaming a faulty seat locking mechanism. >> that is coming up, a perfect storm of activities this weekend how much people are expected to jam into san francisco. how much they'll spend. >> and we'll talk about showers coming. >> and stay├║d >> there are cloudy skies did not put a damper on the preview and there is a formation you just saw tlchl the air show goes from noon until 4:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. and this is thrilling stuff. blue angels expected to bring buckets of money to the city. there is already getting congestion out there. officials see a wind fall with the good weather, and events and the visitors deep pockets. >> there
it took, the california air resources board won fast approval from u.s. epa to open stop requiring expensive summer blend gasoline immediately. since it's only three weeks from the normal switch, the thinking is that dirtier formula wouldn't affect it too much it gives a go ahead to distribute it, and sell it this is intended to increase by 10% taking a few more days to dip at the pump because it told us it's more complicated than flipping a switch. >> there is prices that set a record high. we're paying that. they will be coming down and will be make not be coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> this is too little, too late. >> republicans calling for adopting one formula all year long. so the state refineries with bring in oil to keep prices competitive and they say the directive will only reduce prices by a small amount. >> there is no lasting solution. aren't we looking for the long term? >> and california adopted stricter standards. the state says summer blends have lessened smog, improving health of californians. >> since it went into affect, there have been thousands w
:00 p.m. >>> the longest serving u.s. senator in pennsylvania history has died. arlen specter served 30 years in the senate, was a former chairman of the senate judiciary committee and paid a key role in many supreme court nominations in 2009, the long-time republican became a democrat because he did not think he could win the nomination for a sixth team in an increasingly conservative g.o.p. he lose the primary. specter died from complications from non-hodgkin's him -- lymphoma. he was 82 years old. >> coming up, 15 hours late, the space shuttle endeavour makes it to the final destination. >> a spectator captured it as it happens. a fireworks show goes horribly ongoing. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. i know it's fall but get ready for summer. temperatures heating up. a look at the >> nearly 100 people were hurt during a fireworks display in china. most of the injured were treated and released for minor burns. for some reason the low altitude fireworks fell into the crowd. the calls of the accident under investigation. it happened during a trade expo that attracts millions of people. >>> f
three other americans were killed on the anniversary of september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the sfaemz he was there at that time because he was helping to establish a center. one of those who will give remarks today as i said is libyan ambassador to the united states and the man state department has chosen to investigate thomas pickering will address the crowd. california senator feinstein, congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the slain ambassador as will former secretary of state george shultz. those with spoke to say is a fitting tribute. >> i served two years in prague. i appreciate all he did. >> he was just a wonderful person. he joked we could call him your excellence yensy when he became ambassador. he was the last person expected to be treated differently. >> he treated people well. >> that woman was a close friend for more than 20 years. she flew in from washington, d.c.. the family going to have a private ceremony later this month in grass valley where christopher stevens was born. thank you. >> we're streaming the service on
inches possible above 6,000 feet. this could impact interstate 80 and u.s. 50. just be aware of that. tomorrow morning temperatures starting out into mid-50s to low 60s. tomorrow afternoon south bay numbers comfortable. on the peninsula all in low 70s. pacifica, 64 degrees, nice day. 70 in downtown san francisco. mid 70s this napa and son gnomea. east bay 72 in oakland. 66 degrees inmont rai. accu-weather forecast changes ahaechld rain beginning sunday night could see showers on wednesday, dry, milder thursday and friday. prepare for winter like weather ahead. >> finney's friday free stuff is up next. with an offer that will have you saying cheese. >> remember, you've got mail? the company that made that famous is attempting acome back. its a new idea for an old >>> weekend is here. michael finney is here. >> eight ounces of cheese doesn't sound like much until you eat. >> yes. >> over the course of a day... it's just 7 on your side office we've got this. okay this, is from safeway. it's a pack of deli counter cheese. >> what? >> there you go. >> it comes in many flavors with smoked
lated. u.s. supreme court says it's okay to give unlimited amounts to ballot measures.. >> telling voters this isn't for everyone. you know? you can see this many wealthy people putting in giant sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> california common cause took a lot of money during a previous election because it couldn't get reforms through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for those ads and campaign efforts. >> to qualify takes an incredible amount of time and energy and money. that is to gather signatures needed and required by the constitution. >> money doesn't always win. the california voter foundation says voters only approve a third because it's harder to convince people to vote yes. >> you cannot buy voters votes. >> humane society got prop 2 passed largely on a grass roots effort. now, hens have to have more room in cages. to see a list, you can go to our web site abc 7 and click it on see it on tv. >> all right. thank you so much. >> coming up here rice of something that kids all over the bay area and america eat for lunch every day is about to
the u.s., potentially threatening some 50 million people. they're boarding up in new york where parts of manhattan are under evacuation orders. hurricane sandy is making her presence felt along the north carolina coast. it's bringing rain, big waves and strong winds. and here's a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. the camera is shaking in the wind ask there's rain there as well. sandy is expected to get a power punch when it collides with two other storms, and that super storm could dump rain or snow over 800 miles from the east coast to the great lakes. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we beginning our team coverage of the developing storm with leigh glaser. i understand sandy is expected to come ashore tomorrow? >> leigh: late monday night, throughout the morning hours on tuesday, and looks like atlantic city could be the place where the superstorm makes landfall. let get to live doppler 7hd. you can see -- we're going to put the satellite on there as well. cape hatteras, north carolina, 50 miles-per-hour winds, virginia beach, virginia as well. 4
. the u.s. department of justice and the smart policing initiative awarded the city 300,000ses today improve and expand this program. shot spotter as lous torts to -- authorities i'd and east palo alto in 2009 officials say improved technology can help problem solving and crime prevention efforts. >> election is next week. there is a hot button initiative to decide whether they want to tax themselves in order to feed the animals at the oakland zoo. >> supporters say it's a matter of simple economics in order to take care of tigers or monkeys the zoo needs more money. >> to operate the zoo. to provide educational programs and make sure this stay as fordable to all elements of the community. >> it would impose a parcel tax on residential properties, $72 per nonpresident den yil parcel. >> we'll be looking at a three story center office, restaurant, gift shop. >> but opponents say it's not at all about the care and feeding of bears and other animals. but rather about the zoo's planned expansion into what is now the open spaces of the park. >> the measure is written there are large looph
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11